A Family Affair

Jo Smith & Granddaughter Lizzie hanging out dhobed bunting saved from HMS IVESTON


Martha-Louise 4, Cameron 11, Faith 13 and Florence 3

Mike Smith reports

Last week my grandchildren came and see me before I went into Papworth Hospital for a few days and nights. As you can see from the above photo they found another use for the Oropesa. They all enjoyed having a ride on it but there is a serious side as well, by going around the sweep gear they learnt what it was all about when it was on a Ton Class Minesweeper and this one in particular was rescued from HMS BRONINGTON Prince Charles ship.

Jo Smith with the signal lamp from


Clenchwarton Village Fete 27th August 2016

Publicising the museum

The "See No Evil" is David Morris ex Warrant Yeoman & good friend of Mike & Jo.

"Hear No Evil" is Jo and "Speak No Evil" is Mike.

Dave Morris